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they think they have video of the person responsible. gibson is recovering of a major concussion and bruises. >> she said the bike was still attached to the front hood of the car. and they just kept driving with it. >> reporter: we met in investigators at lincoln boulevard in washington where gibson was struck 10:00 a.m. monday. park police say the suspect was driving a late model black porsche cayanne. >> the bridge authority has a video of a bridge porsche cayanne going north toward the tunnel at about that same time period. >> reporter: people who run, bike and walk through the presidio are disheartened to learn what happened. >> it is horrible to hear because i would hope that people are more kind than that. >> i don't theup anybody should be able to get away with this
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-- i don't think anybody should be able to get away with this. >> reporter: the driver could face felony hit-and-run charges not to mention charges of theft. because the bike is still missing. reporting live from san francisco, patti lee, ktvu news. a wall of water and mud rushed through a daly city neighborhood destroying homes and cars in its wake. we have live team coverage tonight beginning with ktvu's christien kafton who spoke to residents who are still assessing the damage this evening. christian. >> frank if you take a look here mind me. you can see the earth movers and barricades and wet roads behind me. there's still plenty of mud on the sides of the road. now the big concern is one big rainstorm could lead to an even bigger mess. >> reporter: neighbors say it all started before 4:30 this morning with tens of thousands of gallons of water and tons of
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mud running like a river through the streets of daly city. arturo ramirez was evacuated after emergency crews arrived on scene and saw what appeared to be a collapsing hillside. >> i can see the water coming down and fiberglass, the police said you guys better evacuate. the water is coming down fast. >> reporter: from chopper 2 you can get a sense of the damage all the result of an 8-inch water main break. the water main leads to a waste water treatment plant up this hill. workers estimate 40,000-gallons of water burst lose. >> i've had two on the right side and one on the left side. >> now romero and neighbors are eyeing this gouge and wondering what will happen when the weather turns and the rain starts falling. >> with the rain coming down now later this week, that will
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look like we need a major, a major work done. other wise sooner or later that hill is going to move down here. >> reporter: now to give you a sense of the level of activity still going on out here. that vacuum truck they've been using to suck mud out of the sewer grates gist arrived here. neighbors hope it stays that way. they want neighbors to shore up that hillside before that next roundover rains hits the bay area. we're live here in the bay area. christien kafton, ktvu news. what a difference 12 hours makes. take a look, this is what news chopper 2 saw when it flew over head this morning. you can see mud is completely covered lusane avenue. and this is what we spotted just about an hour ago. a days worth of clean up has made a dramatic difference, the street is visible now you can see the payment and all the traffic markings as well. >> the broken water main is part of the reservoir system that sits on a hill above the
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neighborhood. the muddy mess presents two major concerns. tom vacar joins us live to tell us what needs to be done before the rain arrives. >> reporter: the hillside overlooking this community is best described by a single phrase, naturally unstable and getting worse. while crews clean below, above a massive bear gash 200 feet long, 40 feet deep. >> there's a big gully up there now as a result. that's not native land up there now. we have a big area of wash out. >> when the rain comes in, there is reverse tsunami. >> reporter: engineers are already at work. >> an immediate plan to winterize that area and to ensure that the area is shored up so we don't have problems with the coming rains. >> reporter: that includes planting fast growing vegetation and covering the
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area with this, thick sheeting. >> that will keep the rain so the rain doesn't pond off and divert it away from the affected area. >> reporter: this is not the first time a pipe has burst here. the last time 14 years ago. >> he looks like the haul is a little bit about 100 yards away from the same spot. >> all the tarp was full. >> reporter: though the city has 225 miles of water mains. >> we will take a look at any other pipes in that area, and see if any of the other mains may be of that same vintage. >> reporter: one of the million gallon reservoir just above the huge gash and the neighborhood. >> we did a seismic reservoir of that last summer so that it would not come in in the event of an earthquake. >> homeowners know their property values are taking a big hit. >> reporter: tom vacar, ktvu
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channel 2 news. and has more video of the hill slides. just look under the bay area news tab. a man accused of robbing and sexually assaulting four women in the mission district will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. a jury found fredrick dosser guilty of 25 of 35 counts against him. prosecutors called the three victims heroic for testifying against the attacker. >> that is someone who does not belong in the streets. this is someone that does not belong in our community. >> reporter: the attacks happened between june and december of last year. sentencing is set for december 14th. >> silican valley tech pioneer john mcafee said he is innocent in the shooting of a neighbor
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in the island of belize. police are calling mcafee a suspect. he left the software company he sold in 1994. it was later sold to intel. one of two suspects accused of kidnapping a woman last week. the men took her to several atms to withdraw cash using her card where these photos were snapped. this man went by the name aubrey. the other man went by the name david. the 57-year-old victim said the man grabbed her last wednesday night. they finally let her go in the oakland hills. >> san francisco police today announced the arrest of four men on child pornography charges. investigators say more than 100 officers from 23 agencies took part in the bust. police arrested four men in san francisco today.
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they are identified as 25-year- old alexis young wayne, jaime rodriguez, juan martinez and 28- year-old guillermo escandon. omni berra is a candidate from the seventh district. he is leading by roughly 700 votes. he is attending as a potential new congressman. he is up against dan lundgren who is chairing that four day orientation. congressional district 15 will stretch from hayward to dublin and include parts of contra costa county when the districts are reconfigured in january. cal state university has shelved a controversial steam
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and to encourage students to finish their degrees. now they say the proposal will be considered at a later date. students called the fee unfair because required classes are not always offered every term. governor brown attended today's meeting in long beach and thanked the trustees for backing off that proposal. the governor is also expected to attend another meeting tomorrow with the california regents. the passage will reportedly prevent $900 in cuts to the uc and cal systems last year. raley's employees are back at work tonight. >> persistence paid off. we'll be going back to work and everybody is happy about that. >> reporter: about 7,500 workers have been on the picket line since november 4. a union spokesperson told ktvu the deal keeps current health benefits
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in place. in a statement raley's said the contract provides it with a cost savings that it needs to stay competitive. cisco shares are surging after hours following a better that happens expected first quarter earnings report. cisco says earnings rose 18% over the last quarter exceeding $2 billion. after hours trading has the networking company up more than 7%. the san francisco based zynga has lost another senior officer. the move comes with a reorganization of zynga's top management. zynga is best known for its farmville and cityville games. a man has recanted his claims of having sex with a sesame street puppeteer when the man was a teenager. he went on leave from sesame street yesterday when the claim
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of underaged sex first came to life. the unidentified man now says their relationship was adult and consensual. clash says he is relieved that this quote painful allegation has been put to rest. we are along a small creek in placer county that a long time ago had a healthy salmon run. we'll tell you what's being done that may make that happen again. >> right now i'm tracking the heat and then i'm tracking the rain. it's all headed your way. we'll have details of everything coming up here in just a couple of minutes.
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the executive director of the port of oakland omar benjamin has resigned following a ktvu investigation into questionable spending by port
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fishes fishes -- port officials in a strip club. it was expensed to the port along with other questionable expenditures to the port. >> there really needs to be accountability on the leadership they have. >> reporter: port officials say he will not be paid any severance. new at 6:00 tonight, san francisco fire chief joanne hayes appeared in court to explain why she has not paid her husband spousal support and legal fees. according to the chronicle, hayes white stopped paying him when the couples sons moved in with her.
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>> i just live each day taking the high road and making sure that my boys are safe and loved and supported. >> white's attorneys told us they will be back in court next month. spawning salmon have a new tool to help boost their numbers. a fish liner has been built for smaller fish swimming in the auburn ravine creek right between two neighborhoods. new at 6:00, ken pritchett went to placer county to explore the improving conditions for the fish. >> along a creek you've probably never heard of in a town you might have passed through we met mike healy with fish and game. >> we're in auburn ravine in the city of lincoln. >> reporter: it's a small creek but something significant is happening here perhaps a return to what once was. >> so far we've counted close to 400 fish. >> chinook salmon, the same kind you see here.
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last year on auburn ravine, he ran into this. few fish made it by. today a gentle watery slope approaches that structure, an $800 fish slider paid for by the nevada water district. >> they have at least another 3 miles of habitat that was opened up. >> we're about two to 3 miles upstream of the fish lad every right now and here is proof those fish were able to make it past that point. there is what they call a red there. a spawning bed in the spawning bed of the creek. this is about as far as most of those salmon can go. because another concrete barrier awaits the salmon here. one healy hopes hopes will one day be gone as well. >> i think this can support 500 fish in this stream. >> reporter: it's a small creek but healy said there's hundreds of others just like it where small projects could open new territory for a healthier salmon population and industry.
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ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. we're learning that the man accused of the death of sierra lamar is now facing new charges. they include attempted kidnapping in the commission of a carjacking. authorities say the incidents happened in march of 2009 and involved three separate victims. the hearing happened in juvenile court because garcia was a juvenile at the time. the company will provide solar systems on up to 4,700 homes at fort cliff texas and the adjacent sands in new mexico. solar city launched the solar strong project last year with the goal of putting solar on as many as 120,000 u.s. military homes. half a dozen new tenants have signed leases at ranch business park. the san francisco business
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times says one existing tenant software maker 5-9 leased 1,600 square feet. they've signed up new tenants for another 2,800 square feet. the lawsuit questions the sra -- validity of the the cap mission. starting tomorrow, companies will be able to buy and sell credits from the california air resources board to stay within the greenhouse gas limits. changes are headed our way. they are to the north of us but they are slipping our way south as we go into the next 48 hours or so. we have a couple of nice days coming up here. but then the clouds move in on thursday night, friday. and that's when the rain starts. there's live storm tracker 2 with no green on it. when we get back on thursday night, friday i'll be showing you some green.
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these are the highs right now the current temperatures right now 59 in oakland, 58 in livermore, 60 in hayward. temperatures were warmer today. temperatures tomorrow will be warmer still. tomorrow will ends up being the warmest day of the week. overnight lows not too bad. they've been above freezing for most. there's been a little bit of frost. we're seeing some 30s in the forecast. overnight lows mostly in the 30s, low 40s. it's been kind of nice around here. it's going to stay that way, nice at least. this whole area slips south as we get into friday. on friday we can expect up to .1 of an inch. in the hills up to a half inch. snow above 6,000 feet. different kind of storm. because it's a warmer one. the last one we had come through we had snow down to 3,000 feet. this is much warmer storm. so it'll drop snow much higher elevations but that's the first. and what looks like there'll be a few coming in. the computer model there's your day on wednesday. looks nice. your day on thursday.
6:20 pm
the clouds increase. they get to thursday evening. then you see rain starting to develop friday morning right there. so there's friday morning then you see the next wave coming in around 11:00 a.m. your friday morning commute looks to be wet. your friday morning commute looks to be wet and certainly cloudy. this is followed on saturday by more clouds and on sunday perhaps more showers. it's all sort of developing right now. we'll keep a close eye on them and i'll be back at 10:00 with the latest computer models and we will try to dial in a little tighter. when you're this far out. i can pretend to tell you what i can -- as you get a little closer to thursday, then the timing will become a little easier to come up with. but the basic timing is, thursday clouds. thursday night late sprinkles, sunday more showers. >> will it be heavy showers. >> the sunday one is weak the late one looks like it has legs. coming up on tv 36,
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precious artifacts taking in a bold hike. >> investigating a break-in at the oakland museum. what the thieves took and how the museum is responding? the great length two snow boarders went to to make sure they survived in bitter cold. they were in the right place at the right time. the grateful reunion between three police officers who delivered this baby at a gas station. and tastes great! e like champagne, martinelli's: since 1868.
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there were a lot of smiles faces at an oakland police station this afternoon where three officers were reunited with the baby they helped deliver. >> this is the car -- >> thank you, thank you very much. >> reporter: miller was driving thomas to the hospital when she realized their baby was just not going to wait. they pulled up to a gas station near the oakland zoo. three officers that just happened to be there helped deliver the baby boy. >> they were there, they calmed med down more than him. so once i seen them and they were there, it was like yes, the police, yes. >> the couple named their baby boy noland after the park the
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oakland zoo which is right across the street where he came to the world. >> how about that. great. >> mark is here now with sports. the a's didn't make it to the world series but at least their manager is being honored. >> west coast fans always complain about the east coast bias. they always give it to the guy back east. not so today. the west coast guy is the winner, melvin manager of the a's for the first full season. manager of the year for the east. clenched the division on the last day of the season. guides oakland to a 28 game improvement over last year. davey johnson of the washington nationals nationals is the manager of the league. he's also the oldest manager of the majors he's going to turn 70 in january. and he outdistances dusty baker who was second to the reds and
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the giant's bruce bochey who came in third. they did the voting right after the regular season. bochey clearly manager of the year if they include the postseason. meantime the giants have a few free agents they have to get wrapped up and they appear to have number one under the belt. that's jeremy afelt. three years, $18 million. he is just nailed out of the penn in the postseason. 2.70 era in the regular season. still available however as free agent angel pagan and marco scutero. jeff gordon fined $100,000, docked 25 points in the standings and put on probation for the rest of the nascar season for intentionally smashing into clint bowyer on sunday. and just all kind of an unfunny circus developed after that. bowyer chased gordon, a scuffle
6:27 pm
breaks out honest pit crew members. several other fines and suspensions were named today. and it's getting a lot like prowrestling right there. that's the sporting life and a huge 10 player trade in the major leagues between miami and toronto. we'll have that in the 10:00 news tonight. >> we'll look forward to it. thanks mark. it is a product that is meant cell phones close and away from pickpockets but some say it's putting women's lives at risk. >> john fowler investigates cases of breast cancer in women who carry their cell phones underneath their shirts. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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